Mastering jobtalk with StoryMason


Power of stories

A natural approach

Help people find their green in their careers

In business, storytelling is a valuable skill. It’s useful for explaining, persuading, and inspiring. Best of all, everyone can do it.

Even if you don’t think you can.

StoryMason for Career Professionals helps career development advisors, personal coaches, internship coordinators and experiential learning instructors teach job seekers how to engage and persuade people in professional settings. Show how to tell their stories with poise and passion. Master the art of jobtalk. Improve their confidence and build their personal brands.

Learn how to help job seekers build eight core career competencies, hone their skills through game-based practice, reflect with peer feedback, and gain the confidence to excel in networking and interviews—so they win the jobs they want and build fulfilling careers.


Group gameplay

Motivates job seekers to practice

This professional role-play game consists of players introducing themselves through opening statements, answering common interview questions with personal stories, handling unexpected disruptions, and closing with purpose.

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Mastering jobtalk with StoryMason for career professionals

Teach job seekers how to engage and persuade people using stories. Help them build eight core career competencies, hone skills through game-based practice, reflect with peer feedback, and gain the confidence to excel in networking and interviewing.

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Why it works

Build confidence and competence in job seekers

People have evolved to communicate through stories—to listen to them and learn from them. Descriptive stories (versus logical fact-based arguments) activate more areas of our brains and increase engagement. In business, telling personal stories that demonstrate humility and show vulnerability leads to better attention, understanding and recall.

Teach job seekers to do more than just recite facts and figures about their skills and experiences and to move beyond the CAR/STAR/PAR achievement statements used in resume bullets. Communicating with stories will make your voice heard and your opinions more thoughtfully considered.

While facts and figures are forgotten, stories are remembered and retold. 

Be the memorable one.


Used in 172 programs

U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, Dubai, South Africa & Spain

Career professionals like you are using StoryMason in communications, coaching, internship, professional development, post-doc and career transition programs.

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StoryMason Program

Natural career building


  • What is StoryMason? How to purchase game kits FREE PREVIEW
  • Getting started: Program overview FREE PREVIEW
  • GreenMason: A natural approach to career building
  • Facilitator outline: Section 1

Power of stories for communication


  • Objectives FREE PREVIEW
  • Stories: The ultimate communication method
  • StoryBuilding: The architecture of effective stories
  • StoryTelling: The art of delivery
  • Discussion activity: Secrets of StoryBuilding
  • Facilitator outline: Section 2

Power of stories for careers


  • Objectives FREE PREVIEW
  • StoryPower for job search and career building
  • How to build a great story for interviewing and networking
  • Story workshop
  • Downloadable story workshop kit
  • Facilitator outline: Section 3

Master skills and improve jobtalk


  • Objectives FREE PREVIEW
  • Overcoming four key challenges
  • Mastering 8 competencies for interviewing
  • Skills activities
  • Downloadable skills activities kit
  • Discussion activity: Be focused. Be your brand.
  • Facilitator outline: Section 4

Build confidence and perform


  • Objectives FREE PREVIEW
  • Overcoming 10 disconnects in the U.S. job search process
  • Gameplay workshop: How to play StoryMason game FREE PREVIEW
  • Downloadable gameplay workshop kit
  • How to win at interviewing and networking
  • Discussion activity: Building experience and fit
  • Facilitator outline: Section 5



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  • What career coaches say about StoryMason FREE PREVIEW
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Skills mastered

Craft & communicate your story

Learn to decode questions

Turn an interrogation into a conversation

Handle unexpected disruptions with poise

Establish instant rapport & close with purpose

Evaluate your performance

Program includes


Storybuilding guides, examples & PPTs

A NEW way of teaching.
Learn why storybuilding and the use of story genres works in career development. Story concepts, classroom exercises, presentation materials and interview answers in the form of a story are provided for you in this course.


Facilitation guides, gameplay handouts & PPTs

One game per 3-5 players (see chart)
Unlike digital experiences, physical cards engage both visually and tactilely, creating a higher level of focus and natural interactive engagement. Peer feedback motivates players to practice and polish their speaking skills.


Workshop skills training ideas & activities

Flexible and adaptable instruction tools
Whether you work 1:1, in small groups or teach in a classroom, StoryMason can be used in different ways. Teach job seekers that with skills practice you can find your voice and make your stories come alive.


How many kits do I need?

Can be used in 1:1, in small groups, and in classrooms

About the online program
The StoryMason program includes video lessons on the power of stories and storybuilding for careers, downloadable guides and PPTs, and presentations to prepare your job seekers for improving 8 competencies of the full interview process, confidence-building activities for networking and motivational gameplay to master jobtalk.  

About the game
The accompanying StoryMason game kit improves your jobtalk fluency so you can stand out and sparkle. You can play it alone, but like most things, it is much better with other people. The tool can be used flexibly for instructional skills activities, ice breakers or as a peer-to-peer feedback game that simulates the full interview process.

Things to consider:
  • A single game kit is best for 3–5 players (see chart below for quantities)
  • Grouping job seekers at all stages: students, alumni and career changers
  • Interdepartmental uses across communications, internship, professional development, career programs
  • Simultaneous uses in schools: have enough supply for 1:1 coaching meetings while workshops are being conducted by other career advisors
  • Cases where you can loan games to students for practice before interviews after workshop gameplay.

Prepare job seekers in small group gameplay
small groups 
(3-5 players)
# instructors or advisors
for schools: workshops and 1:1 use
1 3–5 1 group 1 1 advisor, 1 game.
6 18–30 6 groups 2–3 Each advisor has 2–3 games; Classroom of 30.
12 36–60 12 groups 4 Each advisor has 3 games; Class of 36-60.
15 45–75 15 groups 5 Each advisor has 3 games; Large class or multiple workshops.
36 108–180 36 groups 6–9 Each advisor has 3-6 games; Multiple workshops.

Gameplay workshops

Benefits of peer-to-peer feedback

Better job seeker motivation.

Increased engagement.

More thorough preparation.

Improved interviewing confidence.

Connecting the dots on personal branding.

Enhanced self-awareness.

P.S. And it's fun too!

Your instructors

Joanne Markow & Jacques Driscoll

Joanne Markow & Jacques Driscoll

Program instructors

Joanne enjoys mixing creativity, international business and EdTech in changing times to develop better performance, brands, and growth for individuals and organizations. Her success in running and expanding global operations as COO at a learning experience design company based in the U.S. and India, resulted from finding and motivating top talent—while helping people push boundaries to advance skills.

As a certified career coach and Senior Director at an international business school who led through 270% growth, Joanne saw the need to introduce new tools, approaches, and curriculum for U.S. and international students from 120 nationalities who want to work in the U.S. or abroad. From her early publishing days pioneering three EdTech media development and web producing teams releasing more than 600 products annually, Joanne learned one of the most valuable career lessons—say "yes," and figure it out along the way.

The future of work is today.

To thrive, Joanne loves helping individuals and teams inspire new tech or curriculum solutions, prosper within emerging market entrepreneurship and flourish through coaching science. She is a published Forbes Coach panelist and bylined writer on, a startup mentor and also conducts career workshops, webinars and speaking engagements at colleges, coaching organizations and bootcamps.

Jacques focuses on creating compelling experiences to help people learn and connect. He’s helped dozens of companies tell their stories, grow, and build powerful brands—by developing successful business models, naturally-designed physical and virtual environments, innovative products and services, and fearless marketing. As a leader, Jacques encourages personal growth, and believes in giving people the confidence to achieve more than they thought possible.

With 42 jobs (and counting), Jacques has experience on both sides of the interview desk. He began his work career trimming trees, hauling books, washing dishes, finishing cement, tending bar, bank tellering, sous cheffing, and refereeing sporting events before moving through a series of sales, marketing, finance, and product development roles in various industries and then ending up as an executive, board member and ceo of several global public and private companies.

Jacques has interviewed thousands of people and hired hundreds for entry level through executive positions. Through interviewing for jobs hundreds of times himself, he learned that hiring managers not only care about what you have done and what you could do, but also who you are. From a personal branding perspective, Jacques believes that job-seekers should focus on being authentic rather than unique.


StoryMason is practical and fun! In my 25 years in career development, I've never seen a tool like it.
Debra Leadership coach
Students enjoyed the small-group setting, listening to others’ storytelling techniques, and hearing feedback from their peers.
Matt MBA programs
StoryMason definitely helped enhance my workshop content. Job seekers were very engaged!
Dave Undergraduate programs


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